• Snot Put Snot Put: Fling your snot as far as you can in this cute, tongue-in-cheek throwing game!
  • Public Viewing Public Viewing: You are a streaker in this fun game, avoid several waves of football players, mascot
  • Muffin Quest Muffin Quest: Many stories of old tell of a hero, who, with his magical caviar, slay an almighty dra
  • Drop Your Ball Drop Your Ball: Control your ball falling down an infinite hole make sure not to hit any of the obst
  • Troll face Quest Troll face Quest
  • Mc Johnson the Nuclear Walrus Mc Johnson the Nuclear Walrus: Bounce around, eat donuts, and dodge scissors. Use the mouse to draw
  • RIP - OFF RIP - OFF: RIP - OFF can you make it through the crap?
  • The Stupid quiz 2 The Stupid quiz 2: This is the sequel to a very stupid quiz. Be smarti, mouse click to shoot,
  • Stupid Disc Stupid Disc: In this game there will be a number of discs flying around and you need to shoot them.
  • The Idiotic Pop Quiz The Idiotic Pop Quiz: Overcome the forces of dumbness. Click to answer.
  • Spacebar Spacebar: Click the space bar as many times as you can in 10 seconds compete against players all ove
  • Another Stupidity Test Another Stupidity Test: another simple game with simple questions but beware they can prove you stup
  • Are You Dumb? Are You Dumb?: A fun, cartoon intelligence test
  • A Generic Quiz 2 A Generic Quiz 2: A wacky quiz that doesn't even make sense! All questions were created by the fans.
  • The Stupid Quiz The Stupid Quiz: Solve 20 challenging questions requiring you to think outside of the box.
  • Hit Ansip Hit Ansip: Funny game. hit stupid guy as many times as you can! just mouse mouse click to shoot,
  • The Nut Cracker The Nut Cracker: Fly around and crack the nuts! mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • The Most Irritating Game in the World The Most Irritating Game in the World: a game designed to be as annoying as possible follow the on-s
  • Konon game Konon game: Polish only fun game xD
  • The Dumb Test 2 The Dumb Test 2: Test your skills in this VERY incomplete test! Use your mouse/ track pad xD, use mo
  • The Stupid Test The Stupid Test: The Stupid test is just another cool game made by:
  • Unfair Funfair Unfair Funfair: It's unfair unfair, but very good funfair. interactive multi choice storyline; game
  • Ansip Stupid Chicken Ansip Stupid Chicken: Funny casual game, where you need to kill Ansip with axe! arrows & mouse press
  • The Stupid Test 2010 The Stupid Test 2010: Test yourself and friends in the stupid test 2010!
  • The Stupid Test 2 The Stupid Test 2: The popular test quiz game from, Click the correct answers
  • Stupid Computer Adventure Part 1 Stupid Computer Adventure Part 1: This is part one, of a series of small interactive story games whe
  • The Idiot Game The Idiot Game: Click on the squares to reset them back to the initial value of 10. If one of the sq
  • Rotate zap Rotate zap: Rotate to zap particles with your energy beam. But make sure to not let your energy beam
  • Mad Ball Mad Ball

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