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Description:Color mixer: Your task in this cool game is to prove your color mixing skill in three different modes and three different difficulties. You must mix a specific color by using the primary colors for additive color mixing red, green and blue. Try to be as fast es possible and try not to reset much. Each reset costs 500 points. Use YOUR MOUSE to push the color buttons to add color to your guess. Then push Enter Button. You will get better, soon. Beat the high score! Select the mode and the level, then you can start the game and add the primary colors by clicking on the big color buttons. Pay attention, you can't take color back! If you made a mistake, reset the game, but it will cost 500 points. Try to be fast to gain a higher time score. If you are fast and accurate enough you can get 30000 points per round. You will get better, soon. Beat the high score! Have fun and success! left arrow key: red, SPACE: enter, right arrow key: blue, down arrow key: green, up arrow key: reset

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